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Zones:  9 – 10
Dormancy:  Evergreen
Height: 4 -10 feet and 5-8 feet in width
Culture:  Tropical

Origin:  Asia and Pacific islands

To me, nothing says Tropical Paradise more than a Hibiscus Plant.

Tropical Hibiscus, A Prescription for Health and Beauty

With large and showy flowers, hibiscus is widely known in Asia and other tropical regions in the Pacific.  With several hundreds of known species, this exotic plant is mostly grown as ornamental garden shrubs. It also attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.

Even though hibiscus is native to warmer climates, some varieties are cold hardy perennial plants, like the ones I have growing in my zone 7 garden.   This wonderful plant does enhance the beauty in the landscape of any garden with its exotic colors, sizes, and shapes, but most importantly, this plant particularly reminds me of home.   


Tie Dye Hardy Hibiscus

 At my childhood home, Gumamela, (the local name in the Philippines) stays evergreen and has lovely flowers all year round.  But not only that, Gumamela also had many uses.  When I was growing up, I remembered hearing how to use crushed fresh leaves as a poultice to boils, external swellings, and it also works like an antiseptic to any infected wounds.

This wonderful plant is not only beautiful, but all its parts are very useful as an herb medicine.  That being said, who wouldn’t want a medicine cabinet in their own backyard?  This reminds me, I need to go and add just one more species for my health and beauty (that’s me being in the garden).

Honeymoon Mix Hibiscus

Maya Henderson

Maya Henderson

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