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ROHDEA JAPONICA Part 2 Propagation from seeds


If you have not seen the Introduction to Rohdea Japonica, I suggest you go and read it first. Click here to read, Introducing Rohdea Japonica

The Rohdea or Sacred Lily is a rare tropical evergreen plant that takes the dry shade well. The unusual flower looks like a rosette cluster, grows few inches from the base of the plant turns from white yellow in the summer to red in the fall and winter. 

The seeds are harvested when ripe and needs to go through cold stratification.  It is suggested to put the seeds in the refrigeration before sowing it in the greenhouse or inside the house with a Grow light. The seed germination can take from one month to three months, depending on growing conditions.


Here are the step by step instruction on how to plant the Rohdea seeds.

I used a regular potting mix but I add more perlite to the soil mixture to make sure it will drain well

Step 5:  I watered the soil really good before planting seeds.

Step 6:  I planted the seeds in rows.  Then water it really well after all seeds are planted.

Step 7:  You can place your propagation tray under the Grow light or I have mine in the summer greenhouse, in the bottom shelf uncovered where it gets good light but not directly.

Step 8: Make sure to water it regularly and not let the soil dry out.

Step 9: Don’t panic when you don’t see it sprout within a month, it could take three months sometimes so wait patiently, then wait some more!

Step 1:  Soak the seeds overnight before planting

Step 2: Before starting, use gloves because the outer layer of the red skin berries can be irritating.  Wash the seeds and remove the red skin to get the pearl like seed inside.

Step 3:  Set aside once all the white pearl like seeds are clean.

Step 4:  Prepare a well drained soil in a shallow potting tray or any shallow plastic container will do.  Make sure it has holes for drainage.  I used a 2” Garden Growing Trays with Drain Holes – 10″ x 20”, it comes in 5 or 10 packs from Amazon