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A Pollinator Friendly Garden

It is important to have a variety of pollinators in our garden to have a healthy plants and flowers.  I tried to create a pollinator friendly garden that is not only good for butterflies, honey bees, and bumblebees but also add great beauty to the garden.  

Plants with sweet scents such as roses and stargazer lilies attracts honey bees and bumble bees. Hummingbirds like any tubular flowers so they can stick their nose within to get any nectar.

One of my favorite plant that attract butterfly and bees are the bee balm.  The mix of white and red bee balm are really lovely in the garden and their extended blooms add colors through the summer.

A Pollinator-Friendly Garden

Choosing variety of flowering plants are beneficial in creating a pollinator friendly garden.  Check out Nature Hills Nursery if you are looking for the best pollinator plants.  I like their huge selection of summer blooming perennials.

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A Pollinator-Friendly Garden

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A Pollinator-Friendly Garden

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