Plant With Maya

Botanical Name: Epipremnum Pinnatum 


Common Name

Cebu Blue Philodendron


Country of Origin

Cebu, Philippines


Where to place indoors

Filtered, indirect light

cebu blue


Room temperature or average household humidity



Allow the soil to dry in between watering

cebu blue


Well drained soil or a chunky mix with perlite and orchid bark

Care Tips:

The juvenile plant is totally different when it matures.  I have a juvenile plant right now and I like it hanging down from the planter but this plant is a vine when it matures so using a moss pole will benefit the plant when it matures.  Naturally grows as a climber in the rain forest, it would benefit to let it grow up using some sort of support.  I fertilized this plant among other houseplants once a week during growing season with a diluted liquid indoor fertilizer.  This plant is easy to propagate from cuttings either in water or in soil.  I prefer water propagation until the roots grow before I plant them in soil or leca.


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