Plant With Maya

About me

I am by no means a plant expert but I confessed, what I am is a passionate, self-declared plantaholic, someone who starts shaking every time she goes to any plant shops, nurseries big and small and does not come home with at least one or two plants.  I called myself a plant enthusiast, someone who can’t resist any plant calling her name every time she goes to any nurseries or garden center.  Most of all, I am a plant mom, someone who loves all her plant babies.


My Garden Assistants

Planting with me are my two garden assistants, Bella and Kona, who not only add joy to my garden life, but also accompanies me everywhere in the garden.  Only if I can train them to pull weeds for me….but, it is enough that they also love to smell all the wonderful flowers we have blooming all throughout the season, and the most important, they chased squirrels, bunnies and chipmunks away from eating our vegetable patch.