Plant With Maya

Plant with Maya

Gardening in a small space is challenging.  Plant with Maya hopes to inspire you with all the possibilities of gardening if you have a limited space.

Come, Plant with Maya and be with the community of plant people with the same mindset, who live, breath, and dream of plants.  We are happy to share our love, and passion of plants, as well as learn with you as we garden together.

The sense of connection we share with nature by bringing in plants into our lives, nurtures our soul and well-being.  Surrounding ourselves with plants certainly help us feel calm, and comfortable within the peaceful environment we created or tried to achieved.

Our hope is to share our passion and love outside our walls, to spread the love in so many ways to other communities around us and the world we live in.  Certainly, we can bloom with love wherever we are planted, choose to be a channel of peace, and healing in the world that is hurting and suffering right now.

My Garden

My love of plants run through my veins, but it really manifested only after I settled down and got my first house with a bit of land.  I have moved since then, to my current house where everything exploded for me.  There was not much in the yard except overgrown bushes when we moved in our house.  So, we started off by clearing everything in the front and backyard.  Fast forward to five years, my garden is starting to fill in with lots of beautiful perennial plants and flowers.  Am I finished planting? Never. 

The garden is always changing and evolving every year as some plants are moved, replaced, did not come back or a new puppy chewed the dormant plants mistaken for a stick, and bulbs trampled when the four-legged fur baby dug around during wintertime.  Oh well, what can I do?  It only means I need to get just one more plant….this plant and that other plant, and those plants over there and….

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